GATA Protocol, a decentralized social economy

GATA protocol is a decentralized social economy whose aim is to promote the well-being of people, irrespective of where they live. In reality, GATA Protocol is a community focusing on the growth and success of human beings through launching projects and decentralized applications which help in solving real problems which people face. Our focus here is to let you understand that GATA Protocol is a social economy.

Social economy defined

The reality is that the definition of social economy has been changing over the years depending on the transformation of technology and human needs. Traditionally, social economy refers to organizations such as cooperatives and foundations whose main aims are to improve the welfare of the generality of the people. Such organizations depend on the values of solidarity, participation, support and democratic governance. Also, there is primacy of people over capital.

You may be interested to note that the social economy contributes to a more inclusive and sustainable society through improving the welfare of the individuals, organizations and the community by addressing the socio-economic problems of the citizens. As such, these organizations put the interest of the people first rather than pursuing the profit motive.

As we have mentioned already, the definition of social economy has evolved. This is particularly so with the advancement in technology, especially the blockchain technology. In this respect, the current thrust of the social economy is the promotion of social transformation based on the principles of responsibility, equity and inclusion.

With the emergence of a decentralized social economy, the key components are community and solidarity. By community we mean that many people around the world come together to pursue a common vision of improving their welfare and that of others. The blockchain enables people from any part of the globe to participate in social causes. In this sense, GATA protocol is very inclusive and global. Anyone in any part of the world is free to join, support and contribute to its initiative to solve existing and emerging problems facing the world.

Already, GATA protocol has identified some of the challenges it will help to solve such as problems in the health sector. For example, the emergence of the covid 19 pandemic has driven us to focus on the health sector so that we will bring quick response to future pandemics.

In addition, you can think of GATA Protocol as a decentralized social economy whose core objective is to solve human problems using web 3.0 applications and initiatives. Let us recapture some of our areas of passion. These include GATA care and GATA College, among others. How can you be certain that GATA Protocol is a social economy? Let’s explore this in greater details by discussing the key characteristics of a social economy.

Characteristics of a social economy

Primary of individuals over capital: This means a social economy prioritizes the well-being of people rather than focusing on profit. However, this does not mean that the organization may not make profit. It can pursue a profit motive but that should not be the primary focus. GATA protocol focuses on solving real human problems affecting the society using the blockchain technology.

Voluntary and open membership: People can voluntarily join a social economy and become members. GATA Protocol welcomes people of different backgrounds and interests from anywhere around the world as long as their focus is helping solve problems which affect human beings and improve the welfare of women, children and men.

Democratic governance: The various members of an organization have equal right to participate in the decision making process. In the case of GATA Protocol all $GATA holders can participate in decision making through making proposals and voting.

Adherence to the principle of solidarity: Solidarity simply means that all the members of the organization have a common interest and work hard to achieve their vision. The vision of GATA Protocol is diversifying the development of dApps used for solving actual human problems.

Autonomous and independence: The organization is not controlled or governed by the government or any public authority. This is true of GATA Protocol. It has no central controlling authority. Also, there is no government control.

Contributing to socially inclusive wealth creation: All the members of GATA will benefit from its assets such as the $GATA token. They can hold, stake and farm the token and gain economic independence.


There is no doubt that GATA Protocol is a decentralized social economy as it strives to improve the well-being of its members and the rest of the world’s citizens. It aims to improve healthcare, education as well as offering social and economic support to its members, despite their race, geographic location and gender.



A Decentralised Social Economy building Web.3 Dapps to solve human problems with Blockchain solutions.

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A Decentralised Social Economy building Web.3 Dapps to solve human problems with Blockchain solutions.